• Realistic 3D Product Shots

    Realistic 3D Product Shots

    Discover the flexibility of going 100% digital for your "product shooting."
  • Imagination is the only limit

    Imagination is the only limit

    Whatever your marketing efforts call for, TBG can deliver.
  • Product Illustration

    Product Illustration

    Forget about photography. Capture exactly what you need with 3D environments.
  • Food illustration

    Food illustration

    Delicious is doable with TBG
  • Cutaway Illustrations

    Cutaway Illustrations

    When photography fails. 3D illustration can do so much more.
  • Advertising Assets

    Advertising Assets

    When stock photos fail, turn to TBG. Think big. We're in it for the long haul.
  • Advertising Assets

    Advertising Assets

    No matter what your brief says, TBG can deliver your vision to your audience
  • Product Renderings

    Product Renderings

    Organic or hard-shell modeling
  • Architectural Illustration

    Architectural Illustration

    Advanced dynamic set-dressing for more organic looks
  • Perfect for complex info graphics

    Perfect for complex info graphics

    Communicate your ideas instantly using custom illustration
  • Advertising, Marketing, Label Design

    Advertising, Marketing, Label Design

    25+ years of experience. Professional results.
  • Illustration doesn't have to be static

    Illustration doesn't have to be static

    The flexibility of the 3D workflow. Use the same models for print, web, video and more!
  • Mobile Device Rendering

    Mobile Device Rendering

    Renderings for advertising and marketing.
  • Book and Magazine Covers

    Book and Magazine Covers

    Fantastic is no problem. From Exploding planets to molecular components, TBG can take you anywhere!
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Our illustration services encompass a wide sector of applications. From original vector art and cartoons to photo realistic 3D product renders, TBG can produce the right style for the right audience.With over 20 years of professional experience, we can bring virtually any product to market.

Do more with our assets! Once we create your digital assets, we can re-purpose your illustrations to fit a wide variety of marketing channels. Use the same assets for print, web or even broadcast and multimedia. Discover why more business are extending their marketing budget with TBG.



With 3D, anything is possible. From concepts to education, 3D illustration is the ultimate design tool. The flexibility of 3D illustration is as powerful as it is cost-effective. Once your digital assets are created, (models, textures, etc.), the same assets can be reused across all the channels from print advertising to multimedia or trade shows. Whatever your final output or message, custom 3D illustration can get you there.

Custom Illustration for Business Graphics

These illustrations often need to show data relationships in informative and sometimes fun ways. Often called info-graphics, this subset of illustration can make or break your presentation.


A favorite illustration technique when time and money are an issue. Often cartoons can minimize negative reports or emphasis the humor behind concepts. If you want to project "fun" into your designs and marketing, what's more fun than cartoons?

technical illustration

Exploded 3D views are the most common technical illustrations, however we can model your products to exact specifications for maximum product understanding. In other words, we love blowing things up!

medical dental custom illustration

Boldly go inside the human body where no camera has ever gone before. From dental braces to exotic diseases, or even sub atomic structures! TBG can model and render out stills or animate your most exacting medical/dental requirements.

photoshop composits for custom illustration

By far, this form of "illustration" offers the flexibility of pee-existing photo assets combined with other assets, often 3D, to create unique and exciting graphics.

custom t-shirt design

Silk screening is the most common way to produce t-shirt art. Depending on your needs, we can produce one to full color separations for your silk screener or delver layered color separations up to twelve colors if you're so inclined.

vector and flash custom illustration

More than an output style, these types of files and scalable. Great for logos, large displays and a flat or "computerized" look.

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