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As companies shed more overhead and demand better value for their marketing dollars, more and more managers are turning to TBG to provide a feature-rich Internet experience for their customers, while making a website that employees can easily update, thus eliminating most maintenance fees. If you're looking for value, friendly service and a better web experience for your users, choose TBG.

  • Integrated ecommerce: sell, manage clients, add products and keep track of inventory
  • Single-click editing: no html experience necessary to keep your site updated.
  • Stream video with ease: using a YouTube account, just copy your URL and you're streaming video from your site within seconds
  • Showcase your products: easy to use annotated galleries with automatic slideshows offer outstanding opportunities for customers to connect with your products
  • SEO optimized: search engine optimized site construction
  • Newsletter management: send newsletters right from your site
  • Flash friendly: animate your message through fast-loading flash banner and movies
  • Professional help is just a phone call away:need help on your site? Our outstanding and friendly help can often fix a problem within minutes.
  • Business-oriented hosting packages: we understand business, and we have developed exceptional hosting packages designed to meet your needs